Nancee Tomlinson Attorney at Law

Getting arrested is not the end of a case, it’s only the beginning. More and more I’m having this conversation. A criminal case, felony or misdemeanor, can and should take a weeks or months to develop. An arrest does not automatically mean a guilty verdict and most certainly does not require a guilty plea.

The requirements for an arrest are merely probable cause, that means just that an officer told a magistrate there’s enough evidence to think a person is involved in crime. To be convicted, a jury must find that person guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Reasonable doubt is a substantially higher burden of proof than probable cause.

Most felony cases take months, sometimes years to get resolved. Do not rush into a case or plea simply because the police made an arrest. Lawyers evaluate a case, investigate, and make recommendations. Sure, cases can be resolved quickly. But pleading out simply to closeout a case is damaging to a person’s future. The criminal justice system operates on negotiations and plea bargains. Jury trials, though, keep the system honest and make the State actually prove guilt.

Don’t make decisions based on a misunderstanding on the law. Defendants have a right to trial. Use that right to your advantage. Forcing a trial produces better outcomes in many cases.

Nancee Tomlinson, LLC

Office: 264 N. Jackson St.; Athens, GA 30601

Mail: P.O. Box 102, Athens, GA 30603

Office: 706-200-1777


Nancee focuses on criminal defense, juvenile court, and probate court.

In criminal practice, Nancee served as an Assistant District for five years. During her time as a prosecutor, Nancee obtained certification for child forensic interviews with Finding Words: Georgia, focused on handling sex crimes, domestic violence, and crimes against children. Since establishing her own law practice, Nancee has obtained positive outcomes, including acquittals and hung juries, for clients in drug cases, sex crimes, and a host of other cases. including serious violent felonies. Her training and experience in trial courts serve her clients well in negotiation as well as trial.

Nancee’s civil practice focuses on helping families resolve issues in probate court, aiding fathers with legitimation and obtaining rights to their children in superior courts, and guiding families through juvenile court processes.

As a trial attorney, Nancee has tried hundreds of bench trials and jury trials in and around North Georgia. She has 18 years experience and is respected by her colleagues. Her practice includes Athens, Athens-Clarke, Watkinsville, Bishop, Lexington, Crawford, Elberton, Bowman, Hartwell, Lavonia, Carnesville, Royston, Franklin Springs, Comer, Colbert, Hull, Danielsville, Ila, Winterville, Covington, Porterdale, Oxford, Monroe, Social Circle, Jackson, Monticello, Madison, Gray, Jefferson, Winder, Braselton, Commerce, Homer, Macon, Eatonton, Milledgeville, Sparta, and beyond.

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